Tuesday, July 31, 2012


( I love that I'm almost caught up to the current month!! )
I get around to doing crafts every now and again,
this one was so much fun.
It's TP rolls and spray paint!!
I added them around a canvas picture in my bedroom.

Still swimming like crazy,
too bad the baby doesn't have a suit!!
Trevor thinks its fun to rough house with the girls.
He taught them how to body slam,
and boy they sure know how!!
Other end you silly sis!! :)
Madi begs me to put on make up all the time
since Christmas.
Thank you auntie Caitie for introducing this!
She is getting more into dress ups so this just tops it off :)
All during May
Raelee had this obsession with just sticking her tongue out constantly.
She is freakishly in LOVE with dogs,
maybe that has something to do with it?
So we totally slacked in finishing our pinata,
but this works right??
Madi's faces were absolutely hilarious!!
She does have a pretty darn good swing.

YAHOO for candy!
One of my favorites!
HAHA, oh Madi how I love you!
Rae crawled everywhere gathering up all the candy.
She stuck 'em in her mouth wrapper and all!

At 10 months she is a PRO at going up and down the stairs!
I'm sure it helps that she sees big sissy doing it.
She has to do everything that Madi does.
We ended up being SUPER disappointed with the solar eclipse!!
We waited forever, and ever and ever.....
Stinkin' Kansas was in the WRONG spot.
Good thing my brother got some seriously sweet pictures.
Just hanging out waiting!
Trev and Madi didn't mind, 
they got sucked into some game...
yup, there is the sun....NADA!
Oh our sweet babe turned 10 months...
I tell ya, it goes faster with each kid it seems!
She is ALL over the place.
sneaky, SPEEDY crawler
and she has started standing and walking along the couches!

( trying to imitate Madi )

It seems like every time I take the monthly
pictures they end up reading forever together right after.
I'm loving how they play together so much more!!

There was a fun carnival in the mall parking lot!
Madi saw all the lights and got so excited,
but then when we got her up for the first ride she kinda freaked!
Once she was on she realized she wasn't actually 'going' anywhere :)
Rae enjoyed playing in the stroller with her sparkly bracelet.
It was super super hot!!!
So we walked around the mall till there was SOME shade 
for us to hide in.
The helicopter one was her favorite!
When it started moving up you should have seen her face!!
Poor girl.
When she got off she ran up to me and said,
"Mommy!! At first I kinda FREAKED out, but then I loved flying!!"
Still chillin'

While we were walking around in the mall
I found this adorable coat for $4!
I can't wait for Rae to actually wear it!
How we thoroughly enjoy the art lab!!
They have all different kinds of activities,
and they have a different art project they work on
every month!
They kids have so much fun here,
plus it's right next to the law school!!
We went with our good friends Sunny with her kids
and Becky with Owen!
Sunny's kids got their tower to touch the ceiling,
but it didn't hold for too long!
It was so hilarious!!

We started another project on the house.
Our kitchen was looking a little dull,
so we took matters into our own hands, literally!
I guess I should take some pictures of the complete thing, 
but you get the idea! :)
The new back splash totally adds and we are
completely satisfied with how it turned out!!
I sure love how handy dandy my hubby is!

Madi's sweet little friend Athena comes to play
lots at our house!
They have so much fun, and have such creative minds!
We are the youngest people in our neighborhood,
so we were so excited to find a friend for Madi who 
lived just on the street behind us!!
We decided on a whim to travel to Omaha
and see my dear sweet cousin Sara and her hubby David
one weekend!
I never realized how amazing the zoo there is,
look it up online - it totally rocked!!

Here we all our ( little Isaac is in the womb! )
Swinging just like a little monkey!
Sara and I were getting ready to take a picture
and the parrots behind us made this insanely loud noise
and we both just about peed our pants!!
( At least she would've had an excuse since she was preggo! )
It was hilarious,
never a dull moment with us!!
I sure am glad our hubbies chose schools close to each other!!
Rae LOVES animals!
We visit the pet store often,
mainly because I have no desire to buy a pet right now!
She was overjoyed being at this zoo.
They had a shark tube like sea world,
but the nice thing about this one was you could sit in there
as long as you wanted,
no moving escalators!
She HAD to see the jellyfish,
they are quite the interesting creature.
Madi loved being with Sara and David.
She has talked non-stop about them ever since we left.
We are so happy David took time away from studying
so he could play with us!!
We love you guys, so thanks again for letting us come visit!!

HAHA, the above pictures I had to share!
Raelee's amazing lips as she slumbers,
and Madi being her goofy self in the hotel :)
My girls are simply amazing!

It's quite green here in Topeka,
When it isn't 105 degrees for two months of course.
They have some fun 'hikes' that we have gone on.
This one is one of our favorites,
it's up by the governor's mansion.
It's right by a huge pond a railroad track and they have a million butterflies
that land all over you!
It was nice and cool,
well it was cool for humidity if that is even possible :)
It ALMOST made me feel like we were back home in our good 'ol mountains!

This is how Madi dresses on our average 87 degree weather day.
There is no fighting a 3 year old on what she should wear.
She does have curls!!
Yay!! The penguins finally came to our zoo!
Of course we had to watch 'Happy Feet' after!

These are a few random pics I found on my phone...

They have about 1.8 million parks where we live.
This one the girls found particularly enjoyable.
Madi wanted to be the old woman who lived in a shoe!
We spent another weekend playing in Kansas City.
We went to the legends mall...
we love it there!!
We went to the T-Rex restaurant,
We sat by this huge fish tank with gorgeous fish.
The place was covered from top to bottom in jungle stuff and
the best part, they had dino's that moved and made noises!
There was this little boy that totally started crying cause it 
scared him so bad, poor thing.
Raelee would laugh so hard every time they started moving.
I would totally go again, so cool!
I guess they only have 2 in the US!!

And we will end May with Madi singing some primary songs for us all....