Monday, February 16, 2009

Good-Bye 2008

So I realize that I am very behind, but I figure who cares, as long as I am getting it all down! Plus you are all getting something new to read so I know I won't hear any complaint:)

So I left off with my little bro coming home from his mission! A week later Trevor and I moved to Logan!!

Yay, the most freezing place ever! I know I grew up with all the snow, but after living in Phoenix during the summer I've decided I love the heat! It's crazy how much colder it is in Logan than Stansbury Park even!! Of course, the day we move up it decided to snow:) It was fun to finally see snow, but let's be honest, not the best weather to be moving in!

Trevor and my brother David bonding:)

David finally became legal and turned 21!! We all went to Firehouse for dinner - it was yummy! The next week we had our traditional "Cook family gingerbread houses" on Christmas Eve. I love getting together with all my Cook cousin's every Christmas. It brings back many memories of being little with my grandparents, lots of food, candy and santa!!

Alli Jo excited for santa!

I must say, I've gotten pretty dang good at cuttin' my hubby's hair:)

This picture is dedicated to Lindsey Nicole Davis! Everytime I see her she claims I am not big enough!
Therefore I squished and pushed as much as I could to try and make a little Budha for sweet Lynds.
Any better than last time??

This is Trevor's first year expierencing all the crazy family and making
a gingerbread house! He did awesome:)

And this is what happens when you leave your camera guys look
way hot!! And I posted it just so you both could see how
beautiful it turned out:)

This year we spent Christmas with my family. We had so much fun, but we missed are Mooney family!!

Spencer killed everyone in Star Wars on the Wii

My poor niece Brinlee was so tired she conked out like a little stink bug!

The year ended fabulous!! In 2008 I started the year out with my 23rd birthday. I spent spring semester at USU taking 14 credits and getting awesome grades! ( even though many people tried to discouage me from taking human anatomy and physiology in the same semester ) It was fun to prove to myself that I could do it! I finally decided after one month of the semester that I needed to concentrate on school more, so I quit working at the dental office, but continued my nightly cleaning job. In January I had been looking into lots of different hygiene schools and found one just outside Portland Oregon. The day before I flew out to meet with a counselor to talk about coming out this fall, a sweet boy told me he wanted to date me more exclusively. (I had been going on dates with him since December...and told him I didn't want anything serious, just for fun and that he should date other girls) I asked him if I could have a few days to think about it, seeing as my life would pick up in another state possibly with school. When I got home from Oregon, I dropped my bags and went straight over to see him! I knew it was time that I needed to trust myself and my decisions. I have never been happier than when I'm with Trevor! Before long we got engaged. The semester ended happily and we were married at the end of finals week! We flew off to Cancun for a week and enjoyed pina coladas, toes in the sand, underground snorkeling, playing with the dolphins, all the sites and food we could dream of! We then moved to Phoenix where Trevor did summer sales and I worked in a dental office. We had our annual summer week vacation with the Mooney's in bear lake! We then moved to Stansbury Park, Utah and I started working in another dental office while Trevor worked landscape and went to school at the USU extension. We felt so strongly about adding to our little family and so became pregnant! ( the rest of the year is all on our blog:) )