Sunday, July 24, 2011

Labor & Delivery

So here is how it went down...

At my 37 week appointment I was
shocked to learn that I was dilated to a 4!
Booyah - lets head right over to the hospital right??
I wish.

I had hope that I would go into labor at any moment!
I didn't!

At my 38 week appointment the midwife
stripped my membranes.
That would surely help move things right along right??
Sure enough - NADA!

I had made an appointment for July 15th
to be induced in the morning
( I was due July 20 )
I woke up, showered, ate a little cereal.
As I finished brushing my teeth,
with my luck,
the hospital called.
Of course, too busy and had to reschedule for the 17th.

Luckily, I hadn't woken Madison up yet.
So we all went back to bed!

Saturday night I had some mighty good contractions,
but surely they didn't mean anything
because I have had some seriously crazy contractions
for the past 6 weeks and they haven't done
any good.

So, knowing the person I am
I simply went back to sleep until Madison woke up
at 3 am.
This girl normally sleeps through anything.
Maybe she wanted one more moment alone
with mommy and daddy?
We never let her sleep in bed with us,
but that night
I snuggled her until the alarm went off.

We got showered,
grabbed our bags,
took Madi to the babysitter
( she wanted to go back and have a sleepover that night,
so I'm fairly certain we picked a GREAT family to watch her )
We arrived at the hospital on time!
I was sure they were going to call me again
to say no room in the inn!

They started me on my antibiotic
( I was positive for the strep B )
and the midwife ordered in the pitocin!

It took a bit, but it arrived and the
midwife came to check me
before we started everything.
To my surprise - I was progressing all on my own!
I was at a 6!
Strangely enough I wouldn't have known,
because I was still talking and breathing through
all of my contractions.

The midwife looked at me and suggested that
if I want my epidural, we should do it first.
Because there won't be any time for it
if she broke my water.
That little girl may have been stubborn to
stay in me for so long,
but she was coming fast now!

So, they start the pitocin and send for
the anesthesiologist!

The nurse came back in with a worried look.
I don't like when medical personnel
get worried looks.

A poor girl ended up having to have
an emergency c - section and the
only anesthesiologist there
had to go with her.

Again, just my luck!

She told me they were calling as many
people as they could to get someone to
come in.

Eh, someone was bound to show up right?

My contractions were starting to get stronger,
I had them stop the pit for a little while till
we knew someone was coming.

Luckily, they found one!
He decided he could skip out on his trip to Lowe's
to come save me!

Epidural in
and 20 minutes later
our sweet little Raelee was here!

The medicine got me numb enough,
just in the nick of time!
And I am overly grateful!!

They placed Raelee ( said ray-lee)
on my belly and I was for sure thinking
this girl was going to be a 10 pounder!!
She just looked so chubby:)
Only 7 lb 15 oz though - whew!

She has the most gorgeous hair!
It is black and at least 1/2 in long.
We can't decide if her eyes will eventually turn blue or not.
They seem to be a really dark grayish brown.
So maybe we will have one child with my
baby blues, and one with Trev's gorgeous
dark brown!

Holding daddy's finger during some shots

She eats like a champ - just like Madison did!
45 min of feeding right after deliver
on BOTH sides!!

She is healthy and such a great baby!
She is already sleeping about 3 1/2 hrs
in between feedings at night
which I appreciate greatly.
She looks just like Madison did,
only Raelee is darker.

I wish I would've captured Madi's face
when she very first met Raelee.
It was priceless!!
Her eyes grew twice their normal size
( and this girl already has big eyes )
first words out of her mouth

"mommy, this is my baby sissy!"

"Look at her teeny tiny ears,
her teeny tiny nose!"

"Can I kiss her little cheeks?"

"Her hair is soft like a kitty!"

"Can I tickle her tiny toes?"

And list has continued since we have been home.
Needless to say - I'm pretty sure Madi
likes having a sister!

Just helpin' her sista out!!

Before being discharged from the hospital
the midwife came to check on me one last time.
She said she was so glad we had scheduled an induction,
because had I not gone in Sunday morning -
I would have waited and gotten to the hospital
and already been fully dilated and not
gotten my epidural!

I realize it would not be the end of the world if
I went completely natural.
I congratulate all of you women
who choose - or maybe don't get the choice and have to
go natural,
but I'll be honest,
I like smiling through my labor and delivery,
seems to make everything happier
and then I can fully enjoy
my new baby
and not be dying in pain!

So koodos to all of you!
( like my mom, 2 sisters and a SIL )

I must say - I have the most adorable little girls:)
It's amazing how much love a mother has for her children!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Introducing our newest member...

Raelee Karla
July 17 @ 11:53AM
7 lbs 15 oz
20.5 in

Madison meeting her 'baby sissy'
shortly after delivery!
She couldn't get over how teeny tiny she is.

Our family of 4!