Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Blog...

I've been avoiding you for some time now.
I'm not sure if it is due to my new
love of pinterest,
or that I have so much to write about
that I don't even know where to start.
Some day I'll return:)

On Friday I was unloading the dishes while the
girls were playing in the living room.
Nothing out of the ordinary,
Madison was dancing around Raelee
as Rae babbled to her.
All the sudden I heard a thud and Rae cried,
I instantly thought that Madi was trying to pick
up Rae....luckily I was wrong.
Madi had just jumped up in the air and landed with a thud.

Me: "Madi, what did you do?"
Madi: "I didn't do anything!"
Me: "Why is Raelee crying?"

she placed her little hand on her hip

Madi: "Because mommy, babies just cry sometimes."

I'm pretty sure I stood there for a split second
with a dumbfounded look on my face.
Yup, my 2 year old has common sense!
Thanks Mads, for reminding me yet again, just how bright you really are!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tis the season for Autumn

This time of year is gorgeous in Kansas!
It's been in the 60's,
chilly enough for jackets and warming
up on the heater vents in the mornings:)
We have yet to see any snow,
which is quite different from what we are used to.
We are LOVING it!

Earlier today, Madison wanted to count her money
that she has stashed in an old vitamin bottle.
We counted it out - $19.47,
this girl is richer than I thought!
As we were sliding the money back through
the slot in the lid she glanced up at
me with quite the evil looking sneer and said,
"Mommy, you are a vulture - DON'T steal my money!"
Seriously? Yes.
Let's be honest - I was HELPING put the money back!
I have no clue how this girl comes up with all of her lines.
I just know she continues to make me laugh,
harder and harder!

These two are quite the pair.
I have no clue what they were googling over,
but the best is when I asked them to smile for me!

get real mom, we were having fun before you
brought out the camera

Trevor and Madi made some noodles
for some yummy soup!
Or dare I say, Madison showered our
kitchen with flour??
Either way, the soup was good
and we all had fun!

please excuse the garbage, our un-carved pumpkin
and Madison's panties:)


ahem...like 2 weeks ago :)

We had a wonderful Halloween this year!
We had 2 parties on different nights,
plus trick-or-treating on Halloween night too.
Madison got her dressing up fill for the month!

We went as the Wizard of OZ this year....
duh, who couldn't see that coming, really?

My lovely friend Jessica started our day off
with a haircut for miss moo!
The girl's hair is sooo long,
her curls were starting to get weighed down!
She cut a few inches and added some layers,
So much better - Thanks Jess!!

Our Raelee babe has some long hair too!
at 3 1/2 months we got some piggy tails goin on :)
I shoulda done this forever ago!

She was practically begging me to rub those
spots where the ponies were...
you all know that is the best feeling after a pony!!

She's totally got style...
plus, who can resist those CHEEKS!

We had one party the week before Halloween,
Madison = Dorthy
Raelee = Todo
Trevor & Keesa = the lollipop guild munchkins
We didn't get a picture on our camera of this,
but one of my friends did.
Depending on how horrible we look, I might share.

The Saturday before we had trunk-or-treating
with our ward and a dinner!
Madi thought this was the coolest thing ever.
Trev and I were poopers and didn't want to
get into our munchkin garb,
so for this one Trevor wore is bus driver outfit
and I wore the famous blowup turkey!

Madi did a little trick-or-treating up our street
and then she helped pass out candy....
she LOVED passing out the candy and seeing all
the kids in their costumes.

We also had some friends over for
our tradition of chili and rootbeer!
We are such evil parents...
who buys a pumpkin
and never carves it??
oops, maybe next year!
We were too busy playing and doing skype!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!