Monday, September 10, 2012


Yes my kitchen is under construction and a huge mess....

 The above picture is for Brz....
does that face remind you of anything??
I taught her well!!

We got a family bowling pass for the summer for dirt cheap,
mainly cause the girls were signed up for 2 free games
everyday during the summer.
Why not?
It was a blast to go as a family, 
plus we went with some friends a few times 
and let the kiddos have at it!

 Trevor and Madi discovered the free projects they
do with the kids every month at Home Depot!!
( No Trev didn't wear that's for his new 'work shop' downstairs! )
 It wouldn't  be a real summer without going to the lake!
We love having it so close and being so warm :)

 Trevor was able to play a few softball games with the EQ in the ward,
even though he's moved to the oldies in HP.
It's fun, he's gotten a group of them together and they all
have 'manrichment' once a month and head out to a movie.
We really love everyone in our ward here!!
 Father's Day was awesome!
Madi helped me make a basket full of these 'Super Pops'
we gave one to Trev and passed out the rest to my primary!
 The 7ft shark kite!!

Madi and I made some yummy treats!!
Trevor LOVES fruit pizza's,
so we decided to make mini ones.
Who doesn't love a good
orange julius mustache?
Rae's kinda ended up all over the place,
mixed in with dinner of course!
Testing out the kite!
It picked right up and the girls had a blast.

11 months!
Where oh where has the time gone?
My sweet Rae babe is getting so big.
She no longer needs a gate on the stairs,
she zips up and down those things so fast!
She is quite girly, 
LOVES to put on bracelets and necklaces.
She talks ALL the time!!
Most of it is jibber jabber,
but she says,
mama, dada, papa,
and she woofs like a dog and races to the window
to find the ones that live through the fence behind us!
She could live at the zoo,
it is the ONLY place we can walk for
hours without her wanting to get out of the stroller.
She really enjoys watching and listening to all
the animals.

Raelee likes to make a mess while eating,
today was an exceptionally extra messy one!
We put her right into the sink...
of course Madi didn't want her to be lonely,
so she hopped in to!
Things not pictured...
Madi went to in for her 6 mo dental appt
and she came out cavity free!!
( she didn't get x-rays cause her mouth is so small, just like mine! )
we'll work on x-rays next time!

I should've taken a picture before my friend
Jess moved to Utah!
She's such a great friend and I miss her dearly!
I had a lot of 'girl' time with her,
especially since she used to cut my hair!!

We also went on a fun (LONG) walk with
our friends Roseanne and Wyatt.
We walked around all of Lake Shawnee....
It took us about 3.5 hours!
I think it's about 8 miles.
It was so much fun!
We stopped at a lot of the little playgrounds along the way.
We enjoyed some seriously good talk,
snacks and Raelee even peed on me!!
It was hilarious and we can't wait to do it again,
when it cools down of course!

We got together with some families
in the Ward for a huge water party!
I say it all the time, but I love our ward.
We have such amazing friends here,
and Madi has such a great time playing with all
the kids!!
Yesterday she told me she needs an older sister...
good thing we have plenty to 'adopt' in the ward!