Thursday, March 24, 2011

No more diapers!! (for a few months)

I sure was going to give the update
on potty training quite a bit ago,
but of course we have been running around
like usual.
Not to mention we ended up in
the E.R.
with miss priss and the
case of croup!
Now that she can breathe again,
we shall update!!

Her stubborness has truly paid off!
Our first day, we had 7 wet panties.....
mmmm, as fun as it was cleaning the carpet
7 times while being nearly 6 months pregnant,
I kinda didn't think this was such a good idea!
Alas, I shall try again tomorrow.

Only 1 accident on day 2!!
Made me feel loads better.
I also changed up the reward...
instead of one or two treats,
I painted one or two nails!
Good thinking right? Cause if anyone knows Madi,
she will do just about anything to paint her nails!

playing angry birds or texting daddy?

Only 1 accident on day 3!!
I also got a little daring and put a skirt on her!
(she'd been running around in a shirt and socks)
We also played outside and blew bubbles with
the neighbor's girl.
We even went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner
this night, and she told me twice she needed to go...
and she did, in the potty like a big girl!

We haven't had anymore accidents,
I was so nervous about nursery!
But my sweet little girl has proven
me wrong!

Way to Madi!!
You truly are such a big girl....
all before you even turn 2! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Say What??

So, apparently my little girl is growing
up a little faster than
I had truly hoped!

Not only did she tell Trevor the other
day as he was helping her get dressed
"daddy, I don't wear onsies anymore"
she informed me on Friday evening
"I don't want my diapers anymore mommy"

So, I figured since she wanted to
poop in the potty at 18 months,
why not just give the whole thing a try?!

This is going to be an interesting few days!
We went and bought miss priss some
BIG girl panties - she even picked out her own:)
One problem, sure hope they fit!
This girl is tiny, and the smallest I could find
was a 2T/3T.

So here is to our new adventure that
will begin tomorrow!
Any suggestions??

Wish us luck!!