Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby it's cold......INSIDE!

We've all been sick lately,
Madison still has a bit of a stuffy nose.
Makes it hard for her to breathe at night
while laying down.
So she hasn't been sleeping as long as she normally does.
Today she woke up around 6:45
She seemed still tired, so the nice mom I am
I let her snuggle with me in my bed!
We finally got up an hour later, seemed a little cold,
but figured it was just me.....cause I'm
usually cold this time of year.
My sister happened to call, to complain about how cold
she was, ha funny enough, she should win
though, it was -25 where she is.
Guess it makes me a little more thankful to be living in
northern Utah.....I think.
So, Madi and I were seriously covered in four blankets
on the couch.
I decided I needed to maybe turn up the heat to 72 for
just a little bit.
WOW, shall I take a second look at the thermostat??
Yup, it said about FREEZING!
I called and the fix it man came over, I guess the
construction guys were supposed to replace the filter
one last time before we got the ok to move in.
Ya, they didn't.
It was FILLED with dust from all the construction!
It messed up the relay switch, but all is well now.
I'm now toasty warm,
Madi has been sleeping for two hours.
Sorry sis, my warmth got fixed and your's didn't.
I guess you could come visit?

Friday, November 27, 2009

During Trevor's weekend of fun
we visited Nana and Papa!

Madison enjoyed building castles,
but more knocking them down:)

She also demolished grahmcrackers
and helped make homemade doughnut holes!

We think Madi is really going to enjoy her first
Nana already put up her tree and madison
sat so still staring at all
the different lights!

one year older and wiser too.....

My sweet hunk of a man turned one year older
this last weekend!!

Lots of surprises....
Lots of desserts....
Lots of people....
Lots of kisses....
Lots of driving.....
Lots of dinners.....

needless to say.....
he had a whole weekend of birthday fun!!

You're the best Lover beans
Madi and I are so happy to have YOU as
our daddy and hubby!!

what's in the bag??

Wow....shall we play a little game of catch up?? Lots has gone on in our neck of the woods this last week and we enjoyed EVERY second of EVERY bit.

1st order or sister helped me do an
AWESOME shower for my very soon to be
sister (brig's cute fiance)

She invited all her favorite friends.....
we watched the FUNNIEST movie.....
we ate some seriously delicious food.....
and she got some AMAZINGLY sweet presents......
(of course mine and millie's were the best!)
she was quite SCARED to open her gifts.....
of course i HAD to video tape it all!

yes.....i had so much fun making this cake just for Ali

thanks so much ali for letting me do this!!
p.s. how many days????

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

is this the little girl i carried???

What a doll right?? I couldn't flip the next picture right side
My little bug is growing so fast!
she turned 7 months today!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yesterday couldn't have been better

because I went here.....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

That time AGAIN!!




Thursday, November 5, 2009

All I Want For Christmas......

Check out the cute smile on this one!! Madi had a rough night, I couldn't figure out
why she kept waking up....she normally enjoys all the beauty sleep
she can get.
I figured out why around seven this morning when she started chewing on my fingers!!
Madison has her first little tooth coming in and she's smiling so big to show it off!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Flinstone fun!!

A few days before halloween we recieved some freezing weather!!! Madison was able to witness her first SNOW:)

Here we have the finishing touches on our costumes..........and yes, you all can
oooooo and ahhhhhh, I finally finished sewing our stuff. I was so nervous
to make our costumes, but Trevor insisted that I did.
They turned out pretty good for not having any patterns I think!
( and considering I haven't sewn anything besides Madi's blanket since middle school....
.....and that was a pillow case)

Pebbles turned out so adorable!!! She DID have a cute bracelet, but
she started sucking on it and clay ended up everywhere:)

Here's my daddy and mom, Trev and I (Madi passed out so she's not in this one), Grimm in the back (Rob, my brother), Ukrainian man ( bro Dave) Pip (Ali....soon to be

sister......:) can't wait!!), Tinkerbell (niece alli jo), wench (sister Millie), Jedi knight (nephew Jace), Fairy (sista in law Kristi)

We totally caught 'Tink' getting in the frosting!!!

Billy bob (father in law Jerry), football player (mother in law Lila)

My big brother Rob tried to scare Madi with his costume....she just wanted
to eat his boney fingers instead! I swear, this girl is fearless!!!

We had a fantabulous time with our family and friends eating, playing and watchin' movies!!!
Thanks for making Madi's 1st halloween a blast:)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I can't belive it's been a month already! I have reasoning for not posting.......we finally moved into our HOUSE!! We've been waiting since December and we're finally in, well, at least Madi's room is the only organized one:) We've got it semi organized -- that is, until you look in our garage! I've dwindled the boxes down, but I have so much more to do still. As much as I have loved staring at dirt, we got our grass and trees all in last Friday its amazing what landscaping does! I'll have to post pictures later.....must find my camera:)
Other than moving, not too much has happened. We went bowling last Thursday with our old neighbors Melanie and Danny.....we miss just being able to run next door! Madi LOVED her first bowling experience!
Unfortunatley, Madison has come down with a terrible cold. It started last night.....waking every half hour because the poor thing couldn't breathe. We had a lot of crying, booger sucking, and cuddling. Her fever got worse and we took her to the doctor today, lucky girl didn't have ear infections -- Thank goodness! I just feel aweful listening to her as she tries to breathe while sleeping. She is such a trooper, still smiles and laughs a little inbetween naps as I constantly wipe her wee little nose.
Wish us luck for tonight!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

worlds LONGEST post

OK....I'm finally sick of EVERYONE telling me to post!! FINE :) I guess I can't really post everything that has happened in the last......however many months it has here are just some highlights.

I can't believe how much she has grown...... She sucked her THUMB at just one week old! She slept eight hours at six weeks (but can't do that at 5 months??)

She has been the most amazing blessing to Trevor and I. We LOVE being parents and wouldn't trade it for anything. I am really enjoying being able to stay at home with Madison....watching her discover and learn new things has been so fun.

Look at ALL that HAIR!!!! I can't tell you how happy I was that she came out with curls!

Of course I couldn't help myself....had to paint the toes....

AND fingers:)

it's true.....she did sleep most the time for the first two months. I couldn't help but stare at my sweet little girl!

She loves those headbands.....but her head is small, so they always end up in her eyes

We started Madi out early so she can be a good swimmer! I believe she was six weeks when she took her first dip in the pool.....she loved it!

I started a few projects....just need to take pictures of the final is one that really turned out cute. This is just the beginning stages, you'll get the final later.
She's a good helper with laundry

pretty much ADORABLE......still can't get over how much hair she had
So like I said in the last post.....she is a STRING BEANShe's pretty much gorgeous....



We've discovered Madi likes to sleep with her eyes open sometimes..... she will zonk out in the strangest places and positions too:)

I decided to make some strawberry YUMMY!! Madison loves to help out in the's the result (I think someone got a little pooped)
Sometimes I wish I could walk...or sleep a mile or two in her shoes
Annual Bear Lake with the Mooney's....We then took a detour and went to THERMOPOLIS WYOMING.....where you say??? Don't feel bad, I never heard of it until my sister moved might be in the middle of no where, but it was gorgeous!

There's my HONEY BUNS with his fish:)Yay for the worlds LARGEST hot springs!

Madi thinks she is sneaky and tries to dive bomb to get some REAL food..... this time it was daddy's toast....yup, that's jelly on her face! She almost got it.
More projects to come......just remember what they look like now
did you get enough??? Didn't think are more of that growing darling
Watching FOOTBALL with daddy....

more sleep.....will we ever catch up???We pierced Madi's ears at four months. She did absolutely fabulous. She has always done so good with her shots, we knew she'd do good with this too! She was smiling on the way out of the store and fell asleep in the car before we got home. And I can't help but say that she is a stinkin' doll!

She has a foot fettish we had a contest and mommy won!
Madison loves bein' outside....she now uses the stroller like a big girl!
1ST pony tail at 4 sweet baby is growing up so fast
So there ya have it in a nutshell.....she's tall, gorgeous and all MINE!!

Did I mention that I LOVE her???