Monday, October 4, 2010

September, in a few words

Well school has officially hit hard in our home!!
It's been nice to get back on a schedule,
but it's been sad not seeing Trevor so much.

Before the semester got too busy
we were able to squeeze in some fun:)

We visited Nana and Papa
and were able to go to a water park
and a bird aviary.

Madi went down this slide probably
25 times at least....
it was hard to get her to stop.
She is quite fearless!!

too much fun in the sun??

Madi and Papa at the bird aviary

Madison had a craving for some treats,
waiting ever so patiently for the fresh batch...

as her shirt says....grandma makes me happy,
and so do COOKIES!

We picked out some yummy peaches
and "GG" (Madi's great grandpa)
came up to can with us!!

Between GG and Madi I'm not
sure how much actually
were canned:)

In the midst of one of our busy days
we noticed this beautiful rainbow
and it made us remember how thankful we
are to live in such a gorgeous valley....

A few weekends ago Nana and Papa came
to visit us.
We went up to Preston one day to visit
one of Papa's old friends.
We had so much fun learning
all about how a ranch works.

Trev and Madi ate more apples
from the orchard than we
ended up putting in our bags!

We can now say we have milked
a cow!!
It was a little weird,
but the milk fight was awesome:)

Madi fed the baby cows...

Trevor helped Madi catch her 1st fish!!

Papa helped with the 2nd!
(Madi is saying 'oh my')

This last week I was able to go with my little brother
and one of my older sisters to CALIFORNIA!!
It was a short trip,
mainly for my MOM:)
We talked with my dad and
we surprised my mom for her birthday!
We showed up at 5:30am
and woke her up....I have pictures,
but I know my mother would kill me
if I posted them!

It was sooo good to see my parents!
Madi hated the ride down, but did much
better on the way back, we ALL
thank you dear daughter!
(especially David)

Madi and Grandma at the beach!
It was gorgeous weather while we were there

I couldn't keep her out of the water,
she kept wanting to chase the waves!
She is going to be my little fishy

Diggin' for seashells and rocks, her favorite

My sister Korryn and Leigha,
look at her jump!

whoops, I think we lost somethin....

We let daddy know we were thinking
of him

playin with her cousin

I told her she wouldn't like it,
I guess I was wrong...

There were lots of dolphins just off the shore!

Just after mom's birthday dinner,
Madi is in pj's ready to head off
on our journey home!
We hope you had an awesome birthday mom!!
Thanks dad for keeping it a secret,
it was SO worth it!