Friday, June 24, 2011

This one is for Shelley!!

We had the the Elders over for dinner 2 weeks ago,
we got to talking,
and as snoopy as I am
I asked if they happened to know
any of the newer missionaries that had come out.
Specifically the sister missionaries:)
To my surprise, they knew
my sweet Sister Dodd!!
I got to digging a little deeper
and found out she was only an hour or so away....
So I called the mission office,
and had them make a lunch appointment!
The secretary had to call back and forth
between us a bit to get everything in order.
The best part was,
Madi wasn't exactly sure who was coming!
They told her that her old babysitter
from Topeka was taking her out.
Of course Madi - Sister Dodd
was confused!! Who does she know
in Topeka Kansas?!
We pulled up to the house and she came
running out -
oh it was so awesome to see her!
She seemed so grown up
being a missionary and all.
There wasn't a moment of silence!
She is doing some amazing work,
and I loved her companion,
Sister Cleveland.
They are a perfect fit!
My little Madi was so excited to see
'Sister Madi'!

This picture had to have been taken
about 6-7 years ago!
I randomly found it the other day.
I surely love this girl
in every way!
The Dodd's are like a second family me
and I miss them so dearly.
So it was wonderful to be
able to see one of them way out here!!

Sister Dodd picked out a delicious
custard place!
She got a good picture of
little Madi with ice cream
ALL over her face:)

We also teased Sister Dodd
that we will be naming our next
little girl Hillary!
(for those who don't know Madeline's little
sister is Hillary. And we tease that Madison
was named after Sister Dodd)

Sister Cleveland, us, Sister Dodd
(and Trev is hiding behind the camera)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


May was a wonderful yet crazy month!
We started out with a wonderful anniversary-
Happy 3 babe!!
We made our usual strawberry crepes
and enjoyed some bubbles in the
backyard with Madison before church.

Trev was 'in charge' of our
going on's for this year.
He bought me this beautiful painting
by Simon Dewey.
3 days in the tomb = 3 wonderful years

Trevor graduated from Utah State University!!
It was such an exciting weekend.
Trevor's parents were able to come up to see him walk.
Trevor is the first person EVER in his family to
graduate from college.

Nana and Papa were overly excited for
their boy!

His proud family!

My hunk of a husband!

This is Mary - Trev worked
up on campus in her advising office
this last year,
helping with advising and recruiting!

I had a GREAT mother's day with my family!
We were able to spend the morning with
Nana Mooney and we skyped Granny Tanny Cook
later that evening.
I love my sweet little Madison
and am so grateful that she has been the first
to make me a mother.
I am very excited to be able to start again
here in just a few short weeks with another
darling little girl!

On May 19th we woke up and left Logan
for who knows how long!
We have loved our time in Logan
with our family and amazing friends!
We miss you all so much,
for everyone who helped clean our house
and load the truck!!
We wouldn't have been able to do it
very easily without you!:)

Good bye Bear Lake!

Hello Wyoming!

Madi did so awesome this whole trip!!
She would switch between riding with me
and then going with Trevor in the truck.
She learned to play 'I spy'
it was hilarious!

Hello Colorado!
We stayed the night in Denver
and Madi really enjoyed the
break in the pool!
It was nice to get out of the car for a bit.

Bye bye Colorado

Finally - Kansas!!
I won't lie one bit - as we drove
through the western part of Kansas,
I really was scared at the decision we
had just made.
Did I really want to live in this FLAT, oh so
very FLAT land?
It was horrible!
But low and behold,
as we drove as fast as our
truck would let us,
we made it to a very gorgeous,
green filled valley with lots
of rolling hills and trees!
Much different than I was imagining!
We made it to the realtor's office
with only 30 min to spare on a
Friday night to close on our house!
With phone calls made on the way,
we were able to get our electricity and
water turned on so we could
have a some what of an
enjoyable weekend!

Our 2nd night in Kansas
we heard the tornado sirens going off.
It had gotten freakishly dark quickly
and it was quite the scare!
Luckily we survived - and
at the beginning of the week we went
and found us some home insurance!
We had hail the size of Trev's fist.
We ended up snuggling downstairs
on the air mattress and watching a movie.

Madison has done very well
at entertaining herself while
Trev and I have been unpacking
painting and re-doing some flooring!
She is a gem:)

My two amazing helpers!
Trevor and Madi planting some trees out front!

We still have some work to do on the house,
but it has been seriously wonderful!
We love our home (now that we have new carpet!)
we love our neighborhood,
and we couldn't have asked for a better
We have made some fun friends,
and met some of the people up at the
Everyone here is so kind and generous -
I'm betting we are going to
love our adventure for the next three years!