Saturday, June 28, 2008

coming soon...

Yes, my dear sweet Lindsey you stand correct! I know that I truly suck and this:) I promise I will be getting on soon to post.....when I get my pictures downloaded on the computer. We love you all! Feel free to take a gander at the poll and cast your vote!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

In the beginning....

Once upon a time….

There was a sweet little peach named Kees. She was working days as a dental assistant and slaved away the nights cleaning a building for NASA in Logan. Life hadn’t handed her the best of lemons, but she was trying her darndest to make the yummiest lemonade. With her boyfriend moving back to Oregon, she decided it was about time to take her education a little farther and prepare herself for the daring world of a dental hygienist. Utah State University was the school of choice. She procrastinated her registration long enough that she ended up with the only choice of a 7:30am English class.

There lived a dashing stud muffin of a man named Trevor. He sweat away his days in the sun at a concrete plant in Erda. Having such hard days of work he played away his nights, but the girls just didn’t seem quite right. At first glance, the girls seemed like something worth pursuing, but underneath the guise of a sweet smile lived only hurt and terrible sorrow for this sweet man. With life getting a little frustrating he settled with the notion of going to night school at the USU extension, and leaving girls out of the picture. After the first week of school he missed old friends and wondered how college life was treating them. Upon talking with his friend Jared Spackman, he got convinced into moving to Logan and attending Utah State University. Not knowing why, he packed everything up that night and headed north, calling his boss on the way to let him know he wouldn’t be in to work anymore. On the drive up he decided there was something missing and he was gonna find it at Utah State. As a consequence for moving up after the semester started, he ended up with the lovely schedule of starting his day at 7:30am in English.

And this my dear friends, is where our wee little story began! The last nine months have been crazy and exciting! It's been a once in a lifetime experience. I never knew life could be this amazing in such a short amount of time! Trevor and I didn't start dating until the end of December, and even then I kept pushing him back a little, telling him he needed to date other girls too. In my mind, anything serious was far, far away. Marriage was probably the furthest thing from my mind. He cracked the whip though in February, letting me know that I needed to either date him or it was gonna have to be done. So, I took a week to think things over - and by that first day I pretty much made up my mind. I told him I would put my fears aside and go with it! Can you imagine.....three weeks later we were engaged and a month and a half after that we were sealed for eternity!?!? What can say, i guess we just like to keep everyone on their toes!