Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Secret, Secret I Gotta Secret

So, by the picture you can all pretty much guess what our next post is gonna be about!! Ya, I'm still trying to soak it all in myself:) So about two months ago I was late, and for me that isn't normal...but in my mind I made myself think "eh, it'll come" -- yup, sure didn't!! Trevor decided I needed to take a test. There was the most faintest pink line you'll ever see in your life and he starts jumping around getting all excited. I took one look and laughed, there was barley anything there! There's no way, so of course it was decided I would take one again the next day... another faint pink line. I kept looking over at it again and again, not really believing it. We didn't tell anyone for awhile. I did write my little brother that is on a mission -- he had just about the best reaction of anyone! He's so excited -- mostly to see my big belly when he gets home:) Now that both of our families know, we can now let you all in on our little secret!! (I'm sure you're feeling lots of relief Lynds, you can tell whoever you want now!) WE'RE HAVING A BABY!
I've been pretty lucky I think, I was only really nauseated for about a 1 1/2 weeks, luckily no throwing up -- except the other day I was dumping some stuff in the garbage and I guess the smell was just a little too nasty for my stomach and my breakfast ended up in the kitchen sink. It truly amazes me how strong my nose is now! I smell the slightest things and it can make my stomach churn so bad. We had our first doctor's appointment and everything looks really good. It was crazy to see that I actually have a little human growing in me - I'm gonna be a mommy! We saw the baby wiggle it's arms and legs and flip back and forth. Made me think our baby will be quite the little rug-rat if it's already squirming!
Trevor has been such a sweet husband. I can't believe how tired I am all the time! He's been so good at giving me massages and running to the store because I just can't seem to get back up after work! Luckily, I should be getting more energy here in a few weeks.
As time goes on I've gotten more and more excited! Being able to see the ultrasound made it a lot more real to me. I'm so excited we have the opportunity to be parents. I sit and think about how insane it is that our bodies can produce another human. I've been on this site that tells me everything that is developing every week with our baby (thanks to Alicia) and It's such a miracle to watch it grow so fast! I'm 11 weeks now, and everything critical is already developed! Only fine details and weight gain are left. We know there are going to be scary, rough, wanting to pull our hair out times ( thanks to watching older siblings have children:) ) but we are excited and so happy to go on this new journey of our lives!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A tribute to my wife Keesa!!

The other day I was a little bored with my job, well my full-time one I should say ( Full-Time Student), and I decided to browse our pictures on the laptop. My attention was directed towards our wedding day photos, for we had just hit four months of being married! Boy how times flies when you are the luckiest guy in the world. So as I was watching the slideshow of our pictures I got an idea that I wanted to make a collage of our pictures.
Looking back on that day everything came together to make my dream, I vividly remember how Keesa looked that day..... the most beautiful woman so full of excitment. As you can see from the pictures she is gorgeous, absolutely amazing, then there's that guy with her... hmmm anyways. It truly has been a great four months, so far... with many many memories to come! The thing I love the most about my beautiful bride is her friendship and caring attitude towards everyone. She is currently working full-time to be able to put me through school and I couldn't be more grateful for that. Anyone that has even just casually met Keesa can see her bubbly happy persona, and how she is always last on her list for anything, she is so selfless. I hope you all enjoy the little collage, just a tiny taste of that day, but you can see the happiness the beauty and the joy of it!!!

I love you with my whole heart Keesa!!
I am grateful for everyone that has contributed to who you are.