Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here is our quick overview of April!!

We had a marvelous and quiet
general conference!
Madi stayed occupied
and memorized the 1st presidency!!

Madi turned 2 on April 17th!
I am amazed at how time has flown by
with this sweet little thing.
We celebrated with friends and family the
day before with some swimming!

Played ALL night with cousin Austin

Good morning Birthday Girl!!
Madison was spoiled all day.
She was able to spend all morning with Nana and Papa,
enjoyed some nursery time at church,
and we were able to skype
Grandma and Grandpa and blow out her
birthday candles with them!!

Madi has grown up so much this last year!
We have complete conversations
and I seriously laugh at all
the crazy things she tells me all day long.
She is still super tall - 90th %
and also still skinny - 10th %,
but hey, at least she is finally back on the scale:)

She loves to help cook in the kitchen,
collects rocks and coins.
She is VERY independent,
getting better at not being such a picky eater,
bike rides, sidewalk chalk,
building forts,
continues to love reading,
and any adventure she can get her hands on!

Easter was fabulous!
We didn't dye eggs last year,
so it was exciting to watch Madi
explore the fun of dye!

Uncle Dave came to help!

After dying eggs,
Madison proceeded to crack one open
and eat the egg!
At first she accidentally dropped one
and she explained to us
she 'popped' the egg!

We made some sugar cookies
and she went to town decorating!

We colored a pretty picture for the
easter bunny and left him
and tiny snack!

Easter egg hunt

Finding all the prizes inside

including her first bubble gum!

The bunny left her a note
thanking her for the yummy carrots,
she loved it!

Madi was helping make some
pigs in a blanket....
the pictures say enough,
she loves hot dogs:)

All in all,
April was a good month for us!

Friday, May 13, 2011


I've been packing LOTS lately....
We weren't planning to move until the last week of July.
The Lord likes to tease us, and BLESS us,
that is for sure:)

So many mystery puzzle pieces
to our summer puzzle of a life
were placed quite quickly in the last 2 weeks!

So off we will go,
in a mere 6 days
to Kansas!!

I'm hoping to find Dorthy and Todo:)
Bring on the heat and humidity,
our adventure is only beginning!!