Sunday, March 24, 2013

October 2012

These pictures are in no  particular order.

We enjoyed our October to the fullest!
With fall at our doorstep we
began baking more!!
There is just something about autumn time
that gives me the itch to bake.
The girls had no arguments about that,
they fully enjoy cooking in the kitchen with their mama!

We were able to have a fabulous visit for a whole week with Trevor's
dad at the end of the month.
His mom was supposed to fly out too, but Trevor's sister
was having difficulties with her pregnancy and she 
needed to be with her.
We sure missed Nana, but the girls still lived up
spending alone time with their Papa.
If you look closely,
you can see that he forgot to take off his crown
after playing dress ups :)

He just figured out he still had that crown on.
Now that is love!
I think Madison secretly wants to be a mechanic someday!
She borrows daddy's tools often to fix her bike.
Eating like a pro with her silverware! 
This sweet little Rae babe is a champ and 
following pretty close in her big sissy's footsteps.
They are both so smart and learn so fast.
It's that time of year again!!!
We drove up to the pumpkin patch and picked out
our very own pumpkins this year.
While at the farm we treated ourselves to some
yummy apple cider slushes and donuts!!
We had Patrick and Papa there to help us carve out some
good pumpkins as we ate those delicious seeds!
Raelee wasn't so sure about the whole thing.
She was pretty content to just watch,
or use the spoon.
Just don't get any on her or you are asking for trouble!

And here they are....
Daddy and Rae's
Mommy and Madi's
Just so happens we had the trunk-or-treat while
Papa was still here so we happily 
had him join our themed costumes
of Cinderella this year.
Madi = Cinderella
Rae = Gus Gus
Daddy = Prince
Mommy = Fairy Godmother
Papa = Grand Duke
It was hilarious trying to sew 
and put everything together,
but I did it!!
( I found a super great deal on Madi's costume so her's is the only one I didn't make)
We couldn't have Halloween without 
brewing our own root beer!
Yay for traditions :)
One morning during the month the girls
and I decided to go visit my cousin Sara up 
in Omaha!
It was so much fun to spend the day with them
and for the kids to play with baby Isaac.
We sure love being close to these guys!

October craft.....
painting baby pumpkins!!
They turned out quite beautiful.

The weather has still been so warm
so we decided to go out and take some pictures on our walk.
Here are a few fun ones of the girls.

We hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!