Monday, May 6, 2013


Make that 3 posts in one day!!
Thank you my dear girls,
for taking such a great nap today:)

I do love how Trevor likes to take time 
and play with his girls!

We turned on some music
while I was finishing making dinner one night
and I turn around to see all
this sweet dancing taking place.

These two have their daddy wrapped
around EVERY finger they have!

 We went to the zoo a few times since the weather has been so good!

  I finally took down all of the snowflakes we had hung
on our ceiling to make up for the lack of
snow this winter.
I ran downstairs to grab something and THIS is what 
I return to!!

She is much sneakier than Madi was....
Good thing I usually get an alert from Madison if
Raelee is about to do something she really shouldn't!
 We had a fun visit from Nana and Papa
and also Trevor's little sister and two boys!
It was a full house and full of fun!!
They were able to stay for 11 days,
and we didn't stop running!
I don't know if it's my pregnancy brain kicking
into gear or just being lazy,
but we took NO pictures!!
I need to remember to get that camera out!!

We announced our new little addition to the family this month.
We sent out a picture of all of our feet
that said "Our family is growing by two feet"!
When Trevor's family came,
the first night they were here we had Madison say
family prayer before bed.
We had her bless the baby in mommy's tummy to be healthy!
Everyone's eyes peeked open and I just laughed and laughed!!

I think we went to 3 Easter egg hunts this year!
I am SO sick of candy.
 It was fun to let the kids run around with friends and find all the eggs though!

Coloring Easter eggs!
This was Rae's first year of really being involved and 
she sure had a blast!
 We had a cool kit with this shiny paint
and after Madi finished doing her eggs
she went ahead and used the extra paint to
do her nails! ;) One smart cookie!
 Couldn't wait for the Easter bunny to show!
 Easter Sunday!
 Hunting for their baskets.
 Raelee's was by the food storage....
since she is ALWAYS in there shaking 
the noodle boxes!
 And Madi found her's in the dryer...
good thing that bunny didn't turn it on!
 Easter cookie decorating!
She looks like the joker :)


Two posts in one day.....
there is hope that I will be caught up one day!!

 Madi and Daddy came home with donuts and
milk one night!
What a fabulous treat:)
Madi spilled some milk by accident and decided
she could just lick it up like a kitty,
because we couldn't possibly waste any
of the precious chocolate milk!
I sure love my animal loving frugal daughter!

I made this amazing chart for Madison to help
her listen and obey a little better.
It works wonders:)
She reached one of her goals...
a sleep over and movie with dad in the basement!
They had such a great time!!

  Happy Valentines!!
I attempted heart pancakes....
can you see it??
The girls loved it!
 Daddy spoiled us, as usual!

We had our heart pizza and heart cookie
for dinner!
There were smiles all around!
Yay for the day of LOVE.

 We were spoiled this year and actually had some more snow!
I find it hilarious how everyone in Kansas is more afraid of 
a snow storm than a tornado.
EVERYTHING was shut down,
but we didn't complain because Daddy got out of school
and took us sledding!!
 They taught Raelee how to make snow angels....
she does them on the carpet inside now since
there is no more snow!

 If you look REALLY close between the trees
you can see them sledding down the hill.
I took advantage of Daddy being home
and took a nap...
I forgot how tired I get when pregnant!

 Madi and Daddy's project!
Madi named her Frostalina

 My technologically smart children enjoying
their morning:)


Welp, Madi finished up her last month of 
swimming lessons (for now)
She has proven herself to be one sweet little fishy!!

 It actually snowed this year!!
Lucky for us, it stayed long enough to play in
for a few days and then disappeared!

 The girls loved EATING and  playing in the snow.
We are lucky to have a sweet hill right by us
to go sledding on!

 We later went and got some sleds,
but for the ghetto that we are sometimes
the lid off a bin and garbage sack worked wonders
for a little bit!!

 We celebrated my 28th birthday!
We had some amazing friends come play with
the girls for a little bit so Trevor and I could go out to dinner.
( Thanks Brian and Krystalyn )
 Their daddy sure is a good sport!
The girls had a hay day going to town
putting make up ALL over his face:)
 Raelee kept taking her diaper off one night
so we decided to let the girls run around in their undies!
 Trevor said good bye to his little car
(Madi had nicknamed it the "blue streak")
We bought it for just a couple hundred when we moved out
here and sold it for lots more!
It was great, but we were excited to get a more reliable car:)
Madi has named our new car (Honda accord - the Night hawk! haha )
 The girls are constantly dressing up in their high heels these days!
They sure do have the best imaginations and love playing together:)
Notice Raelee's shirt??
It took Daddy a little while to notice! HAHA
We found out this month that we are expecting our 3rd little one
in September!!
 This sweet little babe of mine has grown up SO fast.
I realized I say that about both girls,
but it's true!!!
Raelee turned 18 months :)
She is the most independent little thing.
She doesn't like being away from her big sister....
therefore isn't the biggest fan of nursery!
 She has the silliest quirk.
She likes to find something small,
the tail of her cat, shoelaces, corner of a blanket
and softly rub in the corner of her eye, her ear, or just under her nose.
And that's not it, she likes to share and insists that you
let her rub it on your face too!
 She is showing MAJOR signs of wanting to potty train,
which I'm not surprised
because Madi was the same way.
Although, I'm not quite ready to start yet.
Raelee LOVES to sing.
She will sing the tune to
I am a Child of God and Teach Me to Walk in the Light
ALL day long.
It's fun to listen, because sometimes she
actually says the right words:)
 Of course we can't leave out this little thing either...
She has been the best big sister and helper to Rae.
I find that I don't have as much time to sit and teach Raelee like I
did with Madison,
but Madi has taken that roll on and loves to involve and teach
Rae new things all the time!
 She would not smile for anything!!
But here is the growth pic at 18 months!