Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I can't belive it's been a month already! I have reasoning for not posting.......we finally moved into our HOUSE!! We've been waiting since December and we're finally in, well, at least Madi's room is the only organized one:) We've got it semi organized -- that is, until you look in our garage! I've dwindled the boxes down, but I have so much more to do still. As much as I have loved staring at dirt, we got our grass and trees all in last Friday its amazing what landscaping does! I'll have to post pictures later.....must find my camera:)
Other than moving, not too much has happened. We went bowling last Thursday with our old neighbors Melanie and Danny.....we miss just being able to run next door! Madi LOVED her first bowling experience!
Unfortunatley, Madison has come down with a terrible cold. It started last night.....waking every half hour because the poor thing couldn't breathe. We had a lot of crying, booger sucking, and cuddling. Her fever got worse and we took her to the doctor today, lucky girl didn't have ear infections -- Thank goodness! I just feel aweful listening to her as she tries to breathe while sleeping. She is such a trooper, still smiles and laughs a little inbetween naps as I constantly wipe her wee little nose.
Wish us luck for tonight!