Wednesday, January 16, 2013

August - part 1

August was a SUPER crazy busy month!
Trevor was finishing up with the second
half of his summer schedule.

My brother and his family were able to stay again
on their way back home!

Raelee enjoyed playing with my brother's shoes.
He's pretty tall if you didn't know.
She could probably fit inside one of those
gigantic shoes!

Always has time for dress ups...
she is quite girly,
yet hates when I put bows in her hair!

Madi saw these teeny grapes at the store
and HAD to have them!

After Trevor finished school for the summer
we headed out to Des Moines
to welcome some of our good friends!
They had just moved in to start school
and we were so excited to have them closer!!

We were waiting to meet up at this park
right in the very middle of town!
It was so random,
but we loved running around and seeing the
cool different statues.

Daddy teaching the girls how to roll down the hill!

She couldn't resist,
she wanted to be a statue too :)

This is how we roll.
You should try it sometime!

One of Holly's favorite bowl got stuck
inside of another while moving out.
Brian and Trevor took it upon themselves
to be manly men and get it out.
It was hilarious to watch,
but after all the time well spent
they got it!
Snuggled up having scripture time!
We sure have missed that little
Blake character.
Madi misses being able to see each
other from our backyards!

Buddies for life!

After the kiddos all went down we
DOMINATED Brian in a game of marbles.
That's right Brian,
I don't remember WHO won,
but I do know it wasn't YOU!!
Austin and Raelee playing on the stairs
It's kinda cool,
Madison is only one month older than Blake
and Raelee is only one month older than Austin!
The kids LOVE having such good friends:)

We were able to visit their zoo!
We actually got in free using our zoo pass from home!

We sat and watched these fish forever.

This hippo drinking fountain was hilarious.
Every time someone would drink out of it
water would spray all over the place!
Good thing it was a hot day!

I don't remember what Blake did,
but this was Brian's way to doing a time out!
Smart man,
what do you do at the zoo??
One word....
These two thought they'd be brave going down the 
WET slide.
Here goes Blake!!
Mmmm....Madi decided it didn't seem so safe the
higher she got.
Luckily, she has a great dad to help her overcome
her fears!
( It was a nice long drive being wet! )
Here is cute Austin!
Thanks Holly and Brian for letting us come
play with you guys!
We've missed having you as neighbors,
we're glad you are closer now!!
We left Iowa and headed to Omaha Nebraska!!
My cousin's baby was being blessed we 
wouldn't miss it for anything!
We stayed in a hotel and enjoyed
lots of swimming!!
Here is Sara, baby Isaac and my uncle Steven.
Isaac and Madi are quite fond of each other.
He kept cooing and got excited every time she'd
come near him.
It was really sweet to watch her be so gentle with him.
Madi suckered my uncle into playing hide and seek!
He had us laughing so hard.
He climbed in some really good spots.
Here he is under the table laying on all the chairs!!
She LOVED him.
It reminded her of playing hide and seek with Grandpa Cook.
She kept saying,
"Come on uncle Steve, it's your turn to hide!!"

I have always loved spending time with my cousin Sara.
She's more like a sister to me and I'm 
so glad that we are only a few hours away!!
Thank you David and Sara for inviting us to join
in on your special day!
On the road again....
The kids think it quite the cool thing
to get wind blown while heading
down the freeway!!

Daddy is DONE being in the car!
We miss the mountains,
but we sure love where we are at.
This is Nebraska,
Topeka is a lot more green
and we really have grown to love it!

Almost home girls.
Enjoying some kind of movie and lollipops
to help with the last leg of the trip!
Can't travel without our trusty pillows!
And there she blows!!
Welcome back to Topeka!!
I always thought it'd be bigger since it's the 
capital and all.
I'm not complaining though,
I'd rather be in a smaller area!
Our month is only beginning!!