Monday, January 19, 2009

Serious update!!

Boy time sure does fly by when there's a million things going on! I do realize I have seriously neglected my blog, but please...give the poor pregnant girl a break:) Let me see......last I left off I was 16 weeks pregnant, hmmm, now that I'm 27 weeks (I won't point fingers, but that is one week shy of 7 months, for those who hate to calculate) I guess I should fill you in on some of the fun adventures over the last ten weeks!

We were successful in making it to Logan for our 2nd ultrasound! I had a two hour drive to sit and worry, be giddy and not pee my pants! It was probably the longest drive of my life. I think the technicians have a joy in seeing how hard they can push on your stomach and not make you wet your pants! We were able to see right off what a little string bean the baby is. The baby did have a problem with sticking it's little bum out in almost every picture, as cute as it was I wanted so badly to find out boy or girl!! After the lady shook my belly a million times (my little peanut was sleeping on its belly -- just like mommy!) We were able to get a good view, and sure enough it's a GIRL! I can't explain the happiness it was to be able to see our little princess. I was to the point that I didn't care which one it was, I just needed to know! We're getting so excited to have Madison Grace join our family in April.

(sorry for the lack of pictures -- that would be my pregnant brain forgetting to haul along the camera)

On November 21st, Trevor insisted he turn a year older:) ha ha lover I'm just kidding! He got about twenty different birthday dinners because of how much family we have!! He got spoiled by both parents (cook and mooney) his sweet sister made both of us breakfast in bed! (it was delicious, thanks Caitie!) and of course he got everything he wanted and more from me! Unfortunately, I did have to work all day and he did have a class that night, but luckily it was Saturday in the morning so we had a whole day to us!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with the Mooney family. We enjoyed cooking, a huge turkey dinner together, laughing so hard that everyone thought I was going to have Madison right then and there, playing games, napping and a movie!!

December 12th was my last day at the dental office in Stansbury Park. They took me out to lunch and threw a baby shower for me too. It was a fun but sad day, they were like another family. I loved working with three different dentists in one office. It made the job more challenging and was a nice change. Trevor was able to come observe and even assist before school started to get some credit before dental school! Its fun to have my husband in the same field of study. We both loved being able to be in the dental office together and I was able to teach him the tricks and he learned a lot from each of the dentists.

still missin' people, but most of the gang I lived with at the office

My baby brother (David William) returned home from his mission right before Christmas. We were able to go see him walk off the plane and have dinner. He may have grown a little - not sure, he's always been tall to me! He wasn't fat like he claimed....but then went on to explain that he went on a serious diet three weeks before he came home. This was the first time Dave was meeting Trevor, since we were married while he was out on his mission. They both clicked right off!

Me and my niece Alli waiting to see uncle David

All my brothers back together again!

Alright, I still have plenty more to update, but I've gotta go babysit my niece Alli Jo and new nephew Jace! So I'll finish up soon, very soon I promise!