Friday, December 10, 2010

just a thought

" The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.
Attitude, to me is more important than facts,
it is more important than the past, than education, than money,
than circumstances, than failures, than successes,
than what other people say or do.
It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill.
It will make or break a company...a church...a home.
The remarkable thing is that you have a choice everyday regarding the
attitude you will embrace for that day.
We cannot change our past...
we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way.
We cannot change the inevitable...the only thing we can do is play on the one
string we have, and that is
our attitude. "

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let it SNOW!!

Saturday we received enough
snow for Madison to
build a snowman!!
She wouldn't stop eating the snow,
she LOVES this weather:)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Well, first things first..
Miss Madi has turned 18 months!!
She has finally hit 20 lbs
and actually now legal to ride in
her car seat:)

Madison makes us laugh all the time!
I really can't believe the funny things
that come from her mouth.
The dr. says she is ready for kindergarten,
because she can count to 10 and
say her alphabet....smarty little pants!

Her favorite things lately are coloring
and singing!
She knows how to sing the following
all by herself:

baa baa black sheep
twinkle twinkle little star
Jesus wants me for a sun beam
popcorn popping
head shoulders knees and toes (including the actions)
and many other primary songs!

This sweet girl is the most polite thing
you'll ever meet.
Ever since around 14 months,
she continually says
'thank-you' 'please' and
'your welcome'!!
Yes, her mommy is quite proud of her!!

She is growing too fast, but I
really enjoy being able
to talk with her and have her
converse back, it's a fun new stage
that we are enjoying!
She really likes to say cheese to the
camera, loves Cinderella, cooking,
showers, bubble baths, rocks,
riding on daddy's shoulders,
going on walks without the stroller,
playing hide and seek, her stuffed animals,
and giving daddy kisses when he comes home!
Madi LOVES people.
no matter where we are she is always saying
hello and bye-bye!
We were out to eat yesterday and she
even told our waitress 'i love you'

She is our joy in life!

We also had a fun general conference weekend with
our friends Rod, Kacie and Rendon.
We ate dinner and played.

Trevor has been super busy still with
work, work, internship, and school.
yes, 2 jobs:)
He is amazing and Madi and I
wouldn't trade him for anything!

A few days before Halloween we had
friends over to carve pumpkins and
play games...
madi's chair was demoted to the floor,
yet she still found it!:)

Rendon loved eating the pumpkin guts!

Madi did not want to stop helping with the carving,
she thought this was the coolest thing ever!

ya, i need to crop this pic, but oh well:)
we had so much fun!!!

Madi's new dance move, puckerin' the lips!

we did some trick-or-treating in the rain,
Madi enjoyed getting all of the
free candy from everyone
and kept saying 'thank-you' so they'd give
her more cause they thought she was so cute!
Here is everyone afterwards - all engrossed in
our wonderful wii games:)

We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

cat in the hat, thing 1 and thing 2!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

September, in a few words

Well school has officially hit hard in our home!!
It's been nice to get back on a schedule,
but it's been sad not seeing Trevor so much.

Before the semester got too busy
we were able to squeeze in some fun:)

We visited Nana and Papa
and were able to go to a water park
and a bird aviary.

Madi went down this slide probably
25 times at least....
it was hard to get her to stop.
She is quite fearless!!

too much fun in the sun??

Madi and Papa at the bird aviary

Madison had a craving for some treats,
waiting ever so patiently for the fresh batch...

as her shirt says....grandma makes me happy,
and so do COOKIES!

We picked out some yummy peaches
and "GG" (Madi's great grandpa)
came up to can with us!!

Between GG and Madi I'm not
sure how much actually
were canned:)

In the midst of one of our busy days
we noticed this beautiful rainbow
and it made us remember how thankful we
are to live in such a gorgeous valley....

A few weekends ago Nana and Papa came
to visit us.
We went up to Preston one day to visit
one of Papa's old friends.
We had so much fun learning
all about how a ranch works.

Trev and Madi ate more apples
from the orchard than we
ended up putting in our bags!

We can now say we have milked
a cow!!
It was a little weird,
but the milk fight was awesome:)

Madi fed the baby cows...

Trevor helped Madi catch her 1st fish!!

Papa helped with the 2nd!
(Madi is saying 'oh my')

This last week I was able to go with my little brother
and one of my older sisters to CALIFORNIA!!
It was a short trip,
mainly for my MOM:)
We talked with my dad and
we surprised my mom for her birthday!
We showed up at 5:30am
and woke her up....I have pictures,
but I know my mother would kill me
if I posted them!

It was sooo good to see my parents!
Madi hated the ride down, but did much
better on the way back, we ALL
thank you dear daughter!
(especially David)

Madi and Grandma at the beach!
It was gorgeous weather while we were there

I couldn't keep her out of the water,
she kept wanting to chase the waves!
She is going to be my little fishy

Diggin' for seashells and rocks, her favorite

My sister Korryn and Leigha,
look at her jump!

whoops, I think we lost somethin....

We let daddy know we were thinking
of him

playin with her cousin

I told her she wouldn't like it,
I guess I was wrong...

There were lots of dolphins just off the shore!

Just after mom's birthday dinner,
Madi is in pj's ready to head off
on our journey home!
We hope you had an awesome birthday mom!!
Thanks dad for keeping it a secret,
it was SO worth it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bragging rights

My hunk of a husband is just about the
best thing that I have come across
in my life.
The man can make me smile and laugh so
hard I almost pee my pants.
He helped me produce the most
adorable child there is....
don't argue with me, you know you won't win!

Trevor spent some time getting an
application ready, with a paper and letters of
recommendation and such, for an internship with
a prestigious law firm for this semester.
Everything was sent in on Friday and on Monday
he received a call for an interview
Tuesday evening!!
15 minutes in the interview and he came
out with the
BIGGEST smile!
So congrats to Trev, he will be helping
out and going to court this semester!!
Madi and I will barley see Trevor
with school, work and now this internship,
but we know it'll be such a good help
before law school.

Madison and I are so thankful to have
such a loving and sacrificing father and husband!!

We love you babe-a-lou!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer....where did you go?

I know there were many days
that I may or may not have cursed
the weather for being so hot...
but did you have to turn to
fall so soon?

We had such a FANTABULOUS summer
this year!
Many changes occured both
good and sad,
yet we are still chuggin' along!

At the end of June we bid farwell
to my parents for 3 years (minus visits of course!)
They were called to preside over the
Carlsbad California Mission.
Madi LOVES to see them on skype.
She often points to the computer saying,
"ama" and "ampa"

We had a little last hoorah with a
bbq, swimming and Madi
showing off her walking and climbing down the
stairs skills!

Madi and Grandpa both share a great love
for cookies!!
He teased her yesterday on skype and
held up a cookie for her to have.....
poor girl didn't realize she
would need to travel 14 hrs
for that chocolate chip cookie!!

Madi has enjoyed waking up on saturdays and mowing
the lawn with daddy!!

After the 4th of July with had our
annual bear lake trip with the Mooney clan!
Madison giggled the whole ride
on the jet skii!

Yes, we are ALL napping in there....
notice Madi has a queen air mattress to

Papa sharing his doughnuts with
'lil miss priss

Can you tell they just woke up?

We cut our bear lake adventure a little
short, Trevor's brother and wife
had a little boy!

Proud grandparents...

Daddy and son (Kayson)

We also ventured to Hogle zoo this

Madi is very fond of animals, and
loves to make their noises as well!

Madi and auntie Caitie

Madison rode on the carousel I believe
4 times!
It was entertaining to try and get her
to find the camera:)

This summer Madi experienced her 1st
drive in movie!!
She watched 1/2 of the first one
and passed out.
She did manage to eat half a bag
of popcorn though.

I acted on a whim and chopped 10 1/2 inches
off my hair!
I guess I should probably get a pic of the short?

We enjoyed many evening walks with friends

We were able to visit bear lake, yet again!!
Some of my siblings got together for a last
shebang before two of my brothers
went to the south for
pharmacy school!

Auntie Millie and Madi (pretty much pals!!)

Brz.....diggin' a hole?!

Madi with Kristi, Alli and Jace

I don't think Leigha got burnt:)

Daddy and Madison

Alli Jo buried alive!

kickin' back and enjoyin'

We've had a lot of really hot days,
so we played in the water as often as

Madi's hair has grown so much this summer....
she likes to take out any clips,
bows or pony tails that I put this is what
she looks like a lot of the time!

LOVES to talk on the phone...
she even used the calculator as
a phone the other day!

I was able to find some time to make some
strawberry and raspberry jam,
and Madi thought it
was the coolest thing to help stir.

My sewing machine needed a few minor adjustments
that I couldn't handle myself....blah,
so it finally got fixed and I made this
cute car seat cover for my friend!
I've got an itch to sew some more because my
machine runs so smoothly now....any ideas??