Thursday, August 15, 2013


Don't these cookies look SO professional?!
One of my friends came over one morning to
let the kids play and she taught
me a new way to decorate sugar cookies!

 Little miss muffet turned 4!!
She enjoyed playing games on daddy's tablet in our bed
as she awaited her breakfast order.
 The wonderful cooks:)
 This years request -- 4 purple pancakes,
one with butter, one with syrup, one with jelly and one with peanut butter!

 Ahh, they always melt my heart.
Such buddies!
 Second breakfast!
She noticed there were lucky charms 
and so of course she had extra room for those!
 We went and played at Bonkers with a bunch
of our friends.
(It's basically a huge play place where the kids run wild
like hamsters)
Then we had a few come over for lunch and cookies.
 These kids are seriously buddies for life!
Rae, William, Madi, Wyatt and Claire
Reading her new book
(Yes folks, she really is reading....big words even!)
 Later after naps my sister and I 
took the girlies to get mani/pedis!

 They felt like little princesses getting all dolled up!
We will be doing this again for sure!

 We should have had the waiter take the picture
so Trevor could be in here too.
We met up with Trev and ate at Red Robin per 
Madi's request.
 You can't see the balloons,
but they made her wear the strings behind
her ears while they sang.
Kinda funny!
 And here is my masterpiece! 
Yes, I made EVERY bit of this!!
Well, except for Flynn Ryder, Pascal and Max:)
Madi wanted Rapunzel's tower
and it literally took me forever to figure out how I was
going to pull it off!
But I did, and was so proud!
 She was totally thrilled!!
 We opened presents with Nana, Papa,
auntie Caitie, Treygan and Colsen
 with gifts everywhere we played for awhile
 and then skyped Grandma and Grandpa on their mission!
 To top the night off we even lit some lanterns 
from the movie Tangled.
 This girl had no complaints.
We sure love our Madi to pieces!
Hope you had a fabulous one dear daughter!
 Madi met another one of her goals this month
and was rewarded with going on a daddy daughter date!
We dressed her up all fancy and even put on 
a little make up!
They dined at Olive Garden and had
dessert at Orange Leaf!
 I LOVE my family
and wouldn't trade them for the world!