Monday, November 22, 2010

Let it SNOW!!

Saturday we received enough
snow for Madison to
build a snowman!!
She wouldn't stop eating the snow,
she LOVES this weather:)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Well, first things first..
Miss Madi has turned 18 months!!
She has finally hit 20 lbs
and actually now legal to ride in
her car seat:)

Madison makes us laugh all the time!
I really can't believe the funny things
that come from her mouth.
The dr. says she is ready for kindergarten,
because she can count to 10 and
say her alphabet....smarty little pants!

Her favorite things lately are coloring
and singing!
She knows how to sing the following
all by herself:

baa baa black sheep
twinkle twinkle little star
Jesus wants me for a sun beam
popcorn popping
head shoulders knees and toes (including the actions)
and many other primary songs!

This sweet girl is the most polite thing
you'll ever meet.
Ever since around 14 months,
she continually says
'thank-you' 'please' and
'your welcome'!!
Yes, her mommy is quite proud of her!!

She is growing too fast, but I
really enjoy being able
to talk with her and have her
converse back, it's a fun new stage
that we are enjoying!
She really likes to say cheese to the
camera, loves Cinderella, cooking,
showers, bubble baths, rocks,
riding on daddy's shoulders,
going on walks without the stroller,
playing hide and seek, her stuffed animals,
and giving daddy kisses when he comes home!
Madi LOVES people.
no matter where we are she is always saying
hello and bye-bye!
We were out to eat yesterday and she
even told our waitress 'i love you'

She is our joy in life!

We also had a fun general conference weekend with
our friends Rod, Kacie and Rendon.
We ate dinner and played.

Trevor has been super busy still with
work, work, internship, and school.
yes, 2 jobs:)
He is amazing and Madi and I
wouldn't trade him for anything!

A few days before Halloween we had
friends over to carve pumpkins and
play games...
madi's chair was demoted to the floor,
yet she still found it!:)

Rendon loved eating the pumpkin guts!

Madi did not want to stop helping with the carving,
she thought this was the coolest thing ever!

ya, i need to crop this pic, but oh well:)
we had so much fun!!!

Madi's new dance move, puckerin' the lips!

we did some trick-or-treating in the rain,
Madi enjoyed getting all of the
free candy from everyone
and kept saying 'thank-you' so they'd give
her more cause they thought she was so cute!
Here is everyone afterwards - all engrossed in
our wonderful wii games:)

We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

cat in the hat, thing 1 and thing 2!!