Wednesday, May 23, 2012

March (non-stop to CALI!!)

So, when did blogger get all these new changes?? I sure have been missing out. 
Hopefully I'll stay on top of things now...ya right!

Here is our March adventures!
Yay for spring break.

This is a picture overload,
not to mention completely out of order.
I'll figure out the new system later!!

We got on priceline ( out favorite site )
and got a seriously wicked deal on flights 
and flew to California to visit my parents!!
It's only been about a year and a half that I've seen them!
We didn't stop laughing or playing the entire time.

The day before our trip I took the girls 
to the Dr for a check up,
they both had a little bit of a cough.
Glad we went in. 
Rae had double ear infections
and they both had bronchitis.
Got the antibiotics.
Got the nebulizer - not really convenient to pack
in a suitcase!
But, alas, we made it in one piece.
Both girls did amazing!!
Raelee and I took wonderful naps
while Madison and Trevor enjoyed looking out the
window and watching a movie.

Madi RAN to her Granny Tanny and Gand-piah
when she saw them in the airport!
Raelee went right to both of them and 
was full of hugs and kisses.
( Raelee's first time meeting them in REAL life )
We didn't stop running from the first steps
off the plane.
We went right on over to DISNEYLAND!
Madison didn't even know what in the world it was.
It was HILARIOUS watching
both my parents take her to everything.
It literally was HEAVEN for her!
 She loved every ride with the
exception of Mr. Toads adventure...
she totally freaked on that one!
She LOVED becoming a REAL princess,
the tiki room and it's a small world.
BOTH girls tasted cotton candy for the first time
that was a DELIGHT!
We made it till the fireworks,
Both girls started nodding off.
They did fantastic for being up for almost
24 hours!
We visited the Safari Park ( aka wild animal park )
and a bunch of beaches and shopping of course!

 Madi has a thing for chasing seagulls....
So of course Grandpa gave in and we stopped,
and YES I chased them 
Man, I must love my girl :)
 We played hide and go seek...
Grandpa is the winner to this day,
we still wanna know where his spot is!
 We came to this pier 18 or so months ago
when Madi was just over 18 months.
The pelicans still hang out!!
Rae thought it was awesome.
She is quite the animal lover.

 Too cold for her toes!
 Trevor got all of us searching for shells.
We brought home a plethera,
and left some for Granny too :)

Plane ride!! Madi loved her new tiny earphones!

PASSED OUT - can't ya tell

 Madi couldn't stop laughing on the carousel 
and neither could Grandpa!
 She thought it looked kinda gross at first,
but after the first bite neither one 
wanted to stop!

Madison becoming a REAL princess.
She almost had a heart attack when she saw that Cinderalla was actually REAL!

 Somewhere I have a picture showing the amazing
flower gardens!
There are millions and they were so gorgeous!

 Hahha, this was before our trip,
Madi helped daddy wash the car in her rain boots.
 Popping out of her egg
This was the FIRST time I've had my parents to myself. And I soaked in EVERY minute!!!

 My St. Patty's day delight for dinner!
It was so delicious.
Madi doesn't like taco seasoning,
so she had noodles and hot dogs
and of course one of the avacados!
What kid doesn't like guac?!?
 Discovered the white board hidden in the closet
 Reading ALL of Grandpa's collection of the 'Friend'
 Green Eggs, hash browns and milk for breakfast
on St. Patty's!
Raelee also turned 8 months!
Her first two teeth popped through on this trip!

 A bird totally pooped on my leg in the bird feeding area
at the Safari park....
all of us were pretty disgusted!

 We didn't get to stay long enough to be 
there on my dad's actual birthday,
but we celebrated anyway!
I always get my dad an eclair or two...
kind of tradition.
So this year - I MADE some!!
They were so delicious.
We sat around playing some games
and we all ate a few too many I'm sure!

 See - he didn't technically take the WHOLE week off,
he still took a little time to do his stuff :)
It was so nice thought to be able to have 
both parents be with us the entire time!
We happened to pick a GREAT week to visit!

 searching for shells!
 Yes, my husband IS wearing my mother's visor...

 Our grass when we returned!
We seriously mow twice a week because
it grows so fast here...
and NO we don't have a sprinkling system,
NO ONE does.
 Learning to whistle

 Tradition of homemade cinnamon rolls 
over general conference weekend!
I made a TON,
luckily we had the Elders over
and they ate most of them :)
 Hide and seek
 Yay for 8 months!!

 Our flowers bloomed while we were gone!
Early spring??
It was mid March!

 Becoming a princess
 Rae wouldn't let go of Mickey's hand
 And Mickey wouldn't let go of Madi,
we seriously have 20 pictures of this,
they never moved!

 The strawberries were HUGE and SO
fresh and juicy!

 Yes, these are the birds that pooped on me!
But the girls enjoyed feeding them!

We had SO much fun playing and discovering
and shopping and snuggling
on this trip.
It was great having my hubby back for a week
AND being able to see my parents again!!
Madi is already planning our next flight out,
we'll see how that turns out :)