Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer....where did you go?

I know there were many days
that I may or may not have cursed
the weather for being so hot...
but did you have to turn to
fall so soon?

We had such a FANTABULOUS summer
this year!
Many changes occured both
good and sad,
yet we are still chuggin' along!

At the end of June we bid farwell
to my parents for 3 years (minus visits of course!)
They were called to preside over the
Carlsbad California Mission.
Madi LOVES to see them on skype.
She often points to the computer saying,
"ama" and "ampa"

We had a little last hoorah with a
bbq, swimming and Madi
showing off her walking and climbing down the
stairs skills!

Madi and Grandpa both share a great love
for cookies!!
He teased her yesterday on skype and
held up a cookie for her to have.....
poor girl didn't realize she
would need to travel 14 hrs
for that chocolate chip cookie!!

Madi has enjoyed waking up on saturdays and mowing
the lawn with daddy!!

After the 4th of July with had our
annual bear lake trip with the Mooney clan!
Madison giggled the whole ride
on the jet skii!

Yes, we are ALL napping in there....
notice Madi has a queen air mattress to

Papa sharing his doughnuts with
'lil miss priss

Can you tell they just woke up?

We cut our bear lake adventure a little
short, Trevor's brother and wife
had a little boy!

Proud grandparents...

Daddy and son (Kayson)

We also ventured to Hogle zoo this

Madi is very fond of animals, and
loves to make their noises as well!

Madi and auntie Caitie

Madison rode on the carousel I believe
4 times!
It was entertaining to try and get her
to find the camera:)

This summer Madi experienced her 1st
drive in movie!!
She watched 1/2 of the first one
and passed out.
She did manage to eat half a bag
of popcorn though.

I acted on a whim and chopped 10 1/2 inches
off my hair!
I guess I should probably get a pic of the short?

We enjoyed many evening walks with friends

We were able to visit bear lake, yet again!!
Some of my siblings got together for a last
shebang before two of my brothers
went to the south for
pharmacy school!

Auntie Millie and Madi (pretty much pals!!)

Brz.....diggin' a hole?!

Madi with Kristi, Alli and Jace

I don't think Leigha got burnt:)

Daddy and Madison

Alli Jo buried alive!

kickin' back and enjoyin'

We've had a lot of really hot days,
so we played in the water as often as

Madi's hair has grown so much this summer....
she likes to take out any clips,
bows or pony tails that I put this is what
she looks like a lot of the time!

LOVES to talk on the phone...
she even used the calculator as
a phone the other day!

I was able to find some time to make some
strawberry and raspberry jam,
and Madi thought it
was the coolest thing to help stir.

My sewing machine needed a few minor adjustments
that I couldn't handle myself....blah,
so it finally got fixed and I made this
cute car seat cover for my friend!
I've got an itch to sew some more because my
machine runs so smoothly now....any ideas??