Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smallish Update

Sorry about no pictures....I will soon be posting MANY :) I've been having too much fun playing with my 'lil sidekick instead of blogging. We've recently moved into a town house and we are enjoying it so far. We got a good deal for two bedrooms and one and a half bath. Trevor started school up again yesterday and has his hands full with studies and work. While trying to unpack and entertain Madi we've both been working on some fun projects for sweet pea's room! It's fun to plan and make things happen with Trevor! Madison is FOUR months now!! My how time does fly. She is ginormous - not fat, just super long! She is 96% for her length and 36% for weight. We started feeding her that yucky looking rice cereal .... she's not a huge fan - still likes mama more:) She LOVES apple juice though!! We went with the Mooney clan up to the annual bear lake camping trip and Madison loved every minute! I was suprised she did so well. Thanks to Auntie Karol for making her the cutest beanie....she stayed nice and warm. Since all the Mooney's had a few more days off we headed up to my sister's house in Wyoming for more fun and some sweet fishing! It was a long drive up, but so worth it!!
Sit tight......I'll be back with pictures next post