Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a little of this... a little of that

Hmmmm....another year has successfully
disappeared before my eyes!
Funny how that happens when you get (dare I say...)

Here's a little re-cap of only a FEW things we've been up to
the last two months......

We FINALLY finished re-finishing our
kitchen table to match our chairs.
It looks so much better to have
it all uniform now!



Here is Madi at Nana and Papa's on Christmas Eve.....
'nuf said, it's her to a 't'!

Christmas day....... and spoiled rotten!
She totally loved shredding all the
wrapping paper:)

New Years Eve was awesome.....we played games and
hung out at my parents for awhile....
then we headed home, put Madison to sleep,
enjoyed drinks and a movie
just the TWO of us!

My big brother Brig got married to the lovely Ali
on January 2 in the Salt Lake temple.
It was so awesome to be there with both of them.
All the pictures are on Kristen's blog, of course.
I miss them both.....there in Tenn. for schooling,
nice jobbey you two:)

I had a fabulous birthday earlier this month!
I got to sleep in.....YAY!!
My dear husband made me breakfast and then
Trev took Madi and they cleaned the house
while I soaked in a bubble bath and read.
They took me to Hobby Lobby (best store ever)
and I got some really sweet stuff for our house,
SO exciting!
Trevor than proceeded to make me dinner and
we had surprise guests.... Melanie, Danny, Liz, Chad,
and Heather all came to celebrate!!
It was awesome to eat and play games:)
To top it off, Trevor MADE me an ice cream cake!!
( i hate real cake)
Yes, you don't have to tell me twice....
I KNOW I have the most amazing huband

( thanks lover, you're the best! )

My handy - man of a husband is in the process
of making a new
coffee table!
I can't wait for it to be finished,
not only will our garage be clean and project free...
it's really looking so good!

Here is what I woke up to the other morning.....
not only the CUTEST little thing,
she's also quite TRICKY!!

( notice something funny about her legs? )

somehow through the night she decided her feet needed
to snuggle together or something.....

here she is, so very proud:)