Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby it's cold......INSIDE!

We've all been sick lately,
Madison still has a bit of a stuffy nose.
Makes it hard for her to breathe at night
while laying down.
So she hasn't been sleeping as long as she normally does.
Today she woke up around 6:45
She seemed still tired, so the nice mom I am
I let her snuggle with me in my bed!
We finally got up an hour later, seemed a little cold,
but figured it was just me.....cause I'm
usually cold this time of year.
My sister happened to call, to complain about how cold
she was, ha funny enough, she should win
though, it was -25 where she is.
Guess it makes me a little more thankful to be living in
northern Utah.....I think.
So, Madi and I were seriously covered in four blankets
on the couch.
I decided I needed to maybe turn up the heat to 72 for
just a little bit.
WOW, shall I take a second look at the thermostat??
Yup, it said about FREEZING!
I called and the fix it man came over, I guess the
construction guys were supposed to replace the filter
one last time before we got the ok to move in.
Ya, they didn't.
It was FILLED with dust from all the construction!
It messed up the relay switch, but all is well now.
I'm now toasty warm,
Madi has been sleeping for two hours.
Sorry sis, my warmth got fixed and your's didn't.
I guess you could come visit?