Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Miss Rae turned 7 months!!
She FINALLY learned to sit!

Although I'm fairly certain she
knew and just was lazy.
Because for weeks she wouldn't
even let me sit behind her and help
her sit, or place her with the couch
behind her.
Until one day,
I finally decided to sit her up and walk away.
And folks, she just sat there for about 5 minutes.
Ya, the first time.
That is what girls are all about though right?

Happy Valentines Day!
Madi had a cute little party at a friends house.
They played BINGO and made place mats
and then had some crepes for lunch.
So much fun,
too much that I forgot to take pictures.

We had a big box that Madi
made to keep our valentines in.
We decorated the table and had
a heart pizza and opened valentines!
We all felt the love :)

We actually witnessed 2 days of snow this year!
Nothing like back home (notice the grass poking through)
Haha, it was different, but actually nice
to not have to shovel our driveway once
this winter!!

Many a nights this month were spent like this....

and we fit in Krispy Kreme's too...
they were so good!

I now find myself buried in songbooks
and crazy ideas for teaching primary kids!
I was released from activity days and put in
as the primary chorister.
It's been scary and my hands totally
shook the first week...
but I've made it through and things are starting to click now.
But if you have any great ideas for me,
any input!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I'm only a few months late....
not to mention these pictures are backwards
instead of in order.
But everyone always just looks through pictures
so who really cares right?

Right after we arrived home from Utah
for Christmas break,
Trevor's parents were able to come out for a LONG weekend!
We had so much fun playing a plethora of games,
staying up late, and eating till we were sick!

Trevor's dad was able to be here to ordain him a high priest,
he was called to be a counselor in the bishopric!
It was a special time for our family and we were so
very blessed to be able to have Trevor's parents
here to spend that time with us.

Raelee turned 6 months!!
15 lbs and 27 in

I was sad this turned out blurry,
she is such a doll!!
I'm surprised she hasn't gotten sick of Madi
crawling all over her yet.
They still are the best of buddies!!
Raelee LOVES to chit chat,
and every once in awhile she'll let
out her giggles...
but for some reason she only saves those
for special occasions!

new entertainment for Madison...
play-doh, spaghetti and fruit loops :)

Tux the penguin at our zoo!!
We are excited to get penguins this May!!

Our last night in Utah
we spent with our DEAR friends
Rodney, Kacie and Rendon!!
We hadn't seen them in almost a year!
And OHHHH how we miss them so.
Rendon came running up and hugged me right
when I got out of the car.
It was so adorable,
even though I know he didn't remember me!
Just look at his darling little face.
We're hoping one of our girls gets attached :)

Rod and Trev both took the kids out
four wheeling a million times!
We stayed up so late and Kacie
made the best food....
pretty sure I gained a few pounds just that night!

I sure miss having them a few doors down,
ahhh the memories!
Thanks a million guys for letting us crash with you!

On our journey to Kansas we stopped
to see different sites!

Here is her haircut! She looks bald
compared to before!!

Swimming time in Denver!
My girls are little fishies,
they could LIVE in the water!

We stopped at Sternburg's Museum
of natural history.
It was a well needed stop and the girls
were totally entertained!

She was happy....she accidentally bonked her head on the
head cut out!

This t-rex had a timer and would
turn and scream right as you get by him....
Madi's face says it all!

Madi's sweet fort....
this is almost a weekly activity for her!

Thank you January for starting
our year out crazy busy!!