Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We were lucky enough to
have another visit from some family!
(yay for family)
One of my sisters came out for a splendid weekend
away from school and work!
Every time a plane would fly by
( before my sister was to arrive )
Madi would stop whatever she was doing
and say,
"Millie's plane is here!!!"
Eventually, yes it was her plane
and we had such a GREAT

Of course Madi wanted to
take Millie to the art museum!
We were lucky, the lego museum
was only here until that Saturday.

This is the wickedly crazy bird
houses that are ginormous!

Making her very own lego creation

and it wouldn't be a trip if we
didn't feed the fish!

enjoyed some of the GREEN scenery!
( yes, amazingly topeka is green )

and I attempted making a grasshopper pie!
it was delicious :)

Made raspberry jam...

Planted some tulips in the front yard!
Hopefully they will pop up in the spring.

Crazy statues at the University

Thanks for the visit Millie!!
We loved having you,
and the fact that you brought

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Madi just informed me that she
loves me more than ICE CREAM....
that is some serious love my friends!

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Morning

This morning was going wonderfully!
We were all at the kitchen table,
Madison was coloring and eating her snack,
Raelee was playing in her bouncer,
while I finished up some strawberry jam.

All the sudden,
Raelee relieved herself!
She seemed happy and content,
so I decided to wait a few minutes
to make sure she was finished.

And this is what I get.....

Funny how you can be happy while sitting in that!
I finally got her down to her diaper
and wrapped her in the blanket she was on.
(I still had another child waiting for me at the table)
Madi followed me into the bathroom announcing
she wanted to give 'Rae-babe' her bath!
Little did she know...
I laid Raelee on the floor while I filled the tub.
I asked Madi to not touch Rae cause she
was really poopie.
She didn't really understand till she opened the
blanket and instantly jumped away:)
Next time she'll listen right?

Clean baby,
for now!

The best part....
This is what Madison was doing
as I finished getting Raelee dressed.

She wanted to be a ninja turtle -
I let her wear my old ninja turtle shirt
to bed sometimes.
She wore it last night,
and I guess she felt she needed
to wear it over her clothes today.
Gosh I love her.
Feel free to watch

( I really am a nice mommy, promise! )

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Annual Balloon Festival

Every year in Topeka
they do a hot air balloon show!
This was our first year,
and won't be our last.

It was fun to be able to be so
up close and personal
with the balloons and their pilots!

We chit-chatted with a few
and learned a little bit more
about flying balloons.

Madison LOVED it!

Enjoy the plethera of pictures...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Labor Day

We decided to have a few friends over for
a BBQ on Labor day.
You can't have Labor Day
without a BBQ

I forgot about taking
pictures in the beginning....
The girls had fun swimming
in the pool.
We played games,
and of course ate our little hearts out!
I even tried some new
recipes for home-made
snickers and butterfingers!
They turned out delicious:)

Taylor, Madi & Macie
(the 3 amigos, I kid you not!)

The boys playing games...
looks like Patrick may be the only
one winning?

Allison, Sarah, Randi, Raelee and Me!

It was a great weekend with friends!
Yay for no work (or school)

Friday, September 9, 2011