Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bragging rights

My hunk of a husband is just about the
best thing that I have come across
in my life.
The man can make me smile and laugh so
hard I almost pee my pants.
He helped me produce the most
adorable child there is....
don't argue with me, you know you won't win!

Trevor spent some time getting an
application ready, with a paper and letters of
recommendation and such, for an internship with
a prestigious law firm for this semester.
Everything was sent in on Friday and on Monday
he received a call for an interview
Tuesday evening!!
15 minutes in the interview and he came
out with the
BIGGEST smile!
So congrats to Trev, he will be helping
out and going to court this semester!!
Madi and I will barley see Trevor
with school, work and now this internship,
but we know it'll be such a good help
before law school.

Madison and I are so thankful to have
such a loving and sacrificing father and husband!!

We love you babe-a-lou!!