Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chirstmas break and then some...

I've come to the conclusion that
I am the best blogger EVER!
HAHA ya right:)

I have my excuses though:)

Well, Christmas break ended up being
filled with more fun than I thought

Of course we played in the snow
almost every day while we
were in Utah.
Madi learned to make snow angels!

Madi LOVES to help out in the kitchen!
I honestly can't remember what these two
cooked up that day, but I'm fairly certain
it was delicious!

And then off to sunny California we went!
I'll be honest, it was my first Christmas
without snow, and it was a little weird,
but I won't complain one bit....
because it was so nice to warm
up for a few weeks!

Madi helped Grandma do her hair
EVERY morning

They had a huge Christmas dinner for all the
missionaries. It was actually really good:)
Madison wants to be a missionary someday,
she became best buddies with the AP's.
Every time the doorbell would
ring she'd yell out
"the missionaries are here!"

David and Kamille came us to spend
Christmas with my parents.

Madi loved being toted around with
Grandma and Grandpa to meet
all the missionaries.

On Christmas, Madison was a good
helper and helped open
everyone's presents.
Before we went downstairs to find
what Santa had brought
we were up talking in bed and we
had pulled Madi in with us when she woke up.
Trevor had a fun conversation with her.....

Trevor - 'Madi, I think someone with a big white beard
and reindeer came to visit last night'
Madison -'Santa?'
Trevor - 'I think he left you a surprise'
Madison - (as she sprang up out of bed) 'PRESENTS!!'

Needless to say, I think she gets it.

This first pic is of the tradition of opening up
pj's from Grandma and Grandpa...
I somehow forgot to get a pic of how cute they were!

The AP's! They were so much fun to have around.
I know they helped out my parents loads!
They dressed as the three wise men!
My mom's amazing sewing skills worked wonders!

Here we are at the Mormon Battalion down
in San Diego.
That gun suits him well, no?

Finding our GOLD!!

San Diego Temple

We were able to spend part of Christmas day at the
It was marvelous, good way to end the year!

San Diego zoo!

We also started out the New Year at
another beach!!
Madi and I were observing this pelican,
and decided he wanted to check us out
too I guess! He landed right by us!

we took this random picture, in memory of
some friends...u know who u are:)

she would NOT stop chasing
all the seagulls!

And to add to the new year,
Madi has been in a toddler bed for almost two months!
I was nervous, and kept the
crib up for 2 weeks.
Of course she proved me wrong,
she absolutely loves it!
She only gets out in the morning when she's awake
and after her naps.
We've been lucky with this sweet girl!

As for other updates on our lives....

We are so excited to announce that we
will be having another little GIRL!!
We are due July 20!
Madi has been saying sister over brother
for awhile now, so I guess she gets
her wish!
We really could not be happier!

Not only that, but a very few SHORT
weeks after we have the baby
we will be heading for Law School!
I won't tell you where quite yet, because we thought we
were going one place, but have since changed our minds!
I'm so proud of Trev, he's been accepted to a few schools
and put on the wait list for the others!
We've been offered a few scholarships which makes it even better!

As far as we can tell 2011 will be a year
of fun adventures for out family!!