Thursday, June 3, 2010


The above is us so thrilled to be off the plane and
in Cancun Mexico!!
Yup, Madi joined us as well:)
We figured, she did so well with the long drive
to California, why not a four hour plane ride??
She actually was such an angel!!
She hardly made a peep the whole ride - honest!
We stayed at the same resort the Trev and I did
for our honeymoon....
so it was fun to go back and share it
with little miss priss:)
We took about 600 pics.....
so here are just a FEW!

They had the coolest kiddy pool,
and Madi couldn't get enough of it.
Everytime we walked by she'd start bouncing
up and down saying "ooooo ahhhh"

swingin' with daddy

This girl became addicted quite quickly
to pina coladas!!

we ate some delicious places!!

....and they always had yummy buffets,
my mouth is watering just thinking of
all that good food!

it stayed about 89 degrees.....
so wonderful!

It did rain a few times,
but it was perfect timing
cause we luckily were never out swimming when it did...
except for that one time mommy and daddy snuck
away with uncle David and Brig
to jump the waves in the ocean!!

This is Xcaret.....kinda like a seaworld/zoo
they had some interesting and amazing
animals! Plus swimming with the dolphins!!

Mom was daring and held the maccaws first

Go Madi!!

Gigantic ant eater


They had an cool butterfly farm.
There were these blue ones that
were gorgeous, but super hard to get a
picture of

Madi and auntie Millie

Notice the sleeping babe.....

Swimming in the underground


Madison really enjoyed the

Studly Rob

Man, I married a HUNK

We did some pictures of us though!
Here is Kristi....and then Brig and Alli.
We saw some sting ray, amazing colorful fish,
sea turtle, and a huge baracuda!!

Madi crawling up the chairs...
silly girl

We built some sweet sand castles!

Madi and her buddy.....uncle Rob

passed out for the whole ride home!!!

It was such an awesome vacation! One that
was well needed.
Thanks again Mom and Dad!!