Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Although my dear sweet hunk of a man
was away on a conference trip to New Mexico
we still celebrated 5 years of marriage!!
You gotta learn to make sacrifices right?

In the last five years
we have lived in 3 different states,
6 different homes/apartments,
gone through one graduation plus almost all of law school,
owned our first house,
owned 5 different cars, 
created 2 gorgeous daughters and 1 son whom we 
will meet in a few months!!
 Had a few cries and lots of laughs.
Some days I can't believe how fast life has blown by us.
I am so grateful to have Trevor in my life!
It's been a whirlwind at times,
but I couldn't have asked for someone 
better than him standing at my side.
So happy to have my lover and best friend forever.

Here is Madison with her buddy Claire!
I LOVE the faces Claire gives when we take pictures.
My friend Annie and I signed the girls 
up for ballet!!

 Who knows if they really learned
a whole lot,
but they sure enjoyed being together
and they felt like big girls
being able to dance!!

 I gave in and made Raelee a tutu 
as well.
She totally thought she should be in the recital too.

 tippy toe PRO! 
Apparently I always walked on my 
toes as a kid too.
I guess I gave her an advantage with my
amazing genes:)

 Claire bear - you are hilarious!

 I'm sure you can tell,
she was pretty confident in her skills!
She did so awesome:)

*clap clap clap*
 And there goes Rae strutting her stuff....
 Oh the three musketeers!! 
Madi, Claire and Wyatt are such good buddies.
We hope to keep them close always:)
Wyatt was so awesome,
he wanted to come watch the girls dance and give support.
I promise, 
he totally loved it!
Thanks Wyatt for being such a stud!!

 I never did dance as a kid - just isn't my thing,
but I'm so glad I put Madi in!
She did outstanding and loved every second.
Way to go Mads, we sure are proud of you!!
 We also had our ultrasound this month!!
and the verdict is......
 We are over joyed that we get 
to have a little more testosterone in our house!!
The girls are going to dote over him from sun up till sun down!
 Before Trevor got too far into his crazy summer
schedule we thought we'd take a 
smallish trip with him!
He got an internship position down in Wichita!
( Yay for only being a couple hours away )
During his first week down there we all
went and stayed in a hotel and the girls
and I played and discovered while daddy worked!

 This was such a fun wild life park! 
We were able to get up close and personal...
even petting and feeding the animals.
The girls were in heaven!
 Henry the rhino.
Rae would not take her eyes off him
to smile at the camera.
I don't blame her....he was super slobbery!

 These cute little guys reminded us of 
visiting grandma and grandpa in California!
They were able to feed them with grandpa:)

 YES! That is totally a baby in the pouch.
We could've stayed here ALL day.

 Here little bunny...

This month we also had Madison screened
for a pre-school program.
She scored 99% and got in!
She will be a mentor - like the teacher's helper - and
will start up in August!

We also had a BBQ at our house for Memorial Day.
Of course I forgot to take pictures.
We had a bunch of friends from the JRC group and
some of our neighbors.

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