Sunday, September 22, 2013


Yay for summer season!
And children running around in their undies:)
Notice Rae's??
Yup we started potty training.
Oh. What. Fun.
She caught on quickly and loves being a big girl
like her big sister!
Daddy took the girls on a date to the zoo!
I'm so glad we bought a pass because
the girls never get tired of the zoo.
While they went to the zoo I managed to
put 26 crock pot freezer meals together!!
It took ALL morning,
but I'm so glad I did it and that it's over....
and that our chest freezer is full!!
If you didn't know,
Kansas is pretty darn humid.
So naturally the girls hang out in swimming suits a lot.
Finger painting and then wash in the kiddy pool.
So much fun!
While Daddy was away three days out of the week
this month doing his internship in Wichita
we basically relaxed in the sun every day.
Thinking of him, of course!
Utah bound.....
We left for Utah the end of June!
It has been 1.5 years since we've been home.
First stop,
spend a few days with our bestest buddies
Rod, Kacie and Rendon ( with sweet baby girl coming soon )
We were able to go to Rod's grandparents house
and let the kids ride the tractor and four wheeler.
Here is one of the little kitties that the kids
loved playing with.

We visited Cove Fort!
It was awesome to see all of the original
things they still have in all the rooms.
I'm not sure Madison really understood much
but it was really cool to see.

Look at that boy,
giving his future wife a ride in his wagon :)

Rendon is such a stud!
He really did want to pull the girls. wonderful to see mountains again!
I was able to help Kacie out with a 
YW boot camp one of the days we were there.

Thank you Rod and Kacie for letting us crash with you
for a few days!!
We loved our late nights and laughs :)
It has been so hard living far away from
amazing friends,
but makes it all the better when we can get together again!

We made a pit stop on our way north for some family pictures!
Thanks to my amazing sister Kristen
( k photography )
We had some really fabulous pictures.
Another post will follow with those pictures.

We were able to meet up in Provo with
my amazing Auntie Karol and Uncle Bryce.
They had just been released from the MTC
and they met us for ice cream at sub zero.
This place was awesome,
and the perfect treat for these guys since they
will be spending the next 2 years in Africa
as mission president!
Totally out of focus,
but I sure love my auntie!
We love and miss them so much!
We were so glad to be able to catch them 
before they headed off to live
with the monkeys!
Next on the list....
7 Peaks!
We stayed with Trevor's parents 
and were not able to stop running around
and playing!
We loved 7 peaks and so did the girls.
Madi was even daring enough to go 
down some of the big slides....
scared me to death, 
but she was brave and had fun with her papa and daddy.

Like I said....
we didn't stop till we dropped!

The seats were too hot for Rae
and she was in a dress instead of shorts
she wasn't able to ride the airplanes.
Madi was in heaven at the theme park!

I didn't get a picture with us actually in the boats,
but we were able to float around and squirt whoever.
but it was so hot that day that it was 
wonderfully refreshing!!

Rae wasn't very fond of this one...
but we give her points for trying it anyway!!
They have this new store called Scheels in Utah.
We bought the girls some new keens for a great price
and new life jackets.
Looks like Cabelas has some serious competition now!
And of course,
drive-in movie!!
We saw Monsters University.
Girls LOVED it and had so much fun with 
their cousin Kayson.
Of course I forgot to actually take a picture when we were
in the back of the truck.
We had lots of treats and snuggle time!

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